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Stable operation, low noise, strong working ability.


Compact and portable, It can meet the needs of different people.

1. Stable operation, low noise, strong working ability
2. Compact and portable, It can meet the needs of different people
3. Thread cutting function: the machine head has a cutter for easy thread cutting
4. Automatic winding function, equipped with auxiliary winding device, convenient for winding the bottom thread
5. Two switch control methods, electric and foot pedal, humanized design to liberate hands
6.  Adopt high-quality and high-power motor, strong power, good ability to eat thick, and meet the sewing of a variety of fabrics
7. More convenient locking function,  easy operation, improve work efficiency 

1. Color: White & Purple

2. Weight: 24.69oz / 700g

3. Dimensions: (7.68 x 4.92 x 8.27)" / (19.5 x 12.5 x 21)cm (L x W x H)

4 x Coil
1 x Threader
1 x Sewing Needle
1 x Instruction
1 x Foot Pedal
1 x Power Cord

1. If there is a problem in the sewing process, checking after power off
2. This is a household sewing machine and cannot be used for industrial purposes
3. Too thin, soft and elastic fabrics are not easy to sew (for example: chiffon, knitted, cotton)
4. Before children use it, they must have experienced adults to help them study it
5. If the disconnection is frequent, please replace the one with good quality
6. You can only choose one way to start the machine, and you cannot use the power supply and the battery at the same time, otherwise the machine will not work or even damage the machine
7. Durable & Long-lasting material: Compared to the ordinary sewing machines, this mini sewing machine is made of eco-friendly material, which makes it durable and long-lasting
8. It doesn't reverse and it has a straight stitch only
9. Before using, please read the instruction carefully and follow them to operate. Besides that, make sure that threads are on each position of fuselage according to the instruction
10. Before starting, please turn the bobbin winder spool a few times and confirm the threads whether is smooth or not


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Beginners of sewing machines Portable mini electric sewing machine

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