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★Safe: Made in Taiwan from a safe and Eco-friendly sponge and ink that are non-toxic, safely for use. Ink pads feature a super raised stamping surface that accommodates any size stamp for many creative projects.

★Multi Use: They are great for detailed inking and direct-to-paper techniques of vivid colors and crisp impressions. Perfect for scrapbooking, paper or card-making, posters, notepads, journals, ornaments, monogram stationery, canning labels, pictures, gifts, table decorations, wrapping paper, gift tags, finger print trees and many children’s art project. Use your imagination.

★Convenient: Each color in a individual plastic box, all can stack up one by one, which make it easy to use and storage.

★Great Gift Idea: This is a great gifts for craft person, school children, learning kids, boys and girls on Birthday, School Day, Valentine’s Day, New Year etc.

★Premium Quality-You can Trust. Good choice for seasons greeting on Valentine’s Day.


Rainbow Ink Pad Set 7 Colors:


*Rainbow colors inks helps your children to create art products easily.

*Easy to Clean: You don't have to worry that your child will create a lot of pigment troubles after using the multi color craft ink pad. You can use water and soap to easily clean them from your child's hands; face and arms without any residue.

*Safe: Made in Taiwan from a safe sponge and ink that are non-toxic; safely for use.


7 Hues of Waterbase Ink


Each size: 9.9 * 6.4 cmEach color in a individual plastic box; all can stack up one by one; which make it easy to use and storage.


Waterbase Ink


Water-soluble ink pads Non-toxic and easy to cleanYou can easily clean them with water and soap; and don't worry that children will get dirty when playing color ink pads.


Thickening Sponge & High-quality


High-quality thick design; store more ink.Thickening sponge makes the ink not easy to dry.Material: safe sponge and ink.Non-toxic materials; safe to use.




Ideal Gift for kits.Multi Color for SelectionCultivate children's imagination and creativity in School or at HomeReliable Water Soluble Material


Specifications: -7 Hues of Waterbase Ink


Length: Approx 3.89 inches (9.9 cm)Width: Approx 2.51 inches (6.4 cm)Thickness: Approx 0.74 inches (1.9 cm)Color: Red; Orange; Yellow; Green; Blue; Indigo; Violet 7 Pack Set


Premium Quality-You can Trust

*Are you worried about the hard-to-clean pigment for children to play with ?

*Made in Taiwan; High Quality.Non-toxicEasily to clean off the skinIdeal Gift for kits

*Good effect for DIY Craft; finger print animals; scrapbook; paper; card-making; ornaments; printing labels; decorations; invitation card.

7 Washable Ink Pads for Rubber Stamps; Letter Stamps; Baby Footprint; Fingerp